ZEbra Camp 2017 July 7-July 9th, 2017 in Doswell, VA!!!

Address for Camp-Check in we are expecting to start Friday, July 7th at 11 AM


10061 Kings Dominion Blvd

Doswell, VA 23047



Packing list!
Attached please find the recommended packing list!
Packing list.docx
Microsoft Word Document 109.6 KB
Health History Form
Please complete and bring to camp!
Zebra Camp health history form.docx
Microsoft Word Document 110.5 KB
Clara Lemarr Foundation Donation Letter for 2017
Camp participants, you can use the attached letter to take to local businesses to get Zebra Camp Donations to get help get donations for your camp fees. When you provide to a business, make sure they have your camper's name so when they go to the online store they can enter your child's name for the donations. If they send a check, and the donor put your child's name on the Memo line of the check and we will apply that to your child's camp fees. All donations will be applied to Zebra Camp expenses.
CLF Donation letter 2017.pdf
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Authorization for Medication Administration
All CAMPERS-Please ensure you have the attached form signed and bring to camp with you, with the medications. We need signatures from a doctor for the medications.
Authorization for medication administrat
Adobe Acrobat Document 24.1 KB

All, camp will be July 7-9th, 2017. We will start checking people in at 12PM July 7th and we must be out of the campground by 11AM on July 9th. It will be held in Doswell, VIRGINIA. If you have questions, please contact us at CLARALEMARRFOUNDATION@GMAIL.COM you can also email us your camp registration forms. 

You will need to bring Sleeping bags, pillows, all medications, any special food required (TPN, etc). We do have a hotel size fridge in each cabin. Please bring swim suits, sun screen. If you use any mobility devices please plan to bring them if possible. We will have a golf cart on hand to move campers around. Please bring any item at home that makes kids comfortable. Cell phones and electronic devices are allowed and there is WIFI, so please remember charging cords. Agenda for the camp will be sent out sometime this weekend after the Counselors meet with the Board. And finally, please bring your smiles!

There is NO COST to attend camp for children with EDS. If there is a medical necessity for a parent to attend, there must be a written doctor's note that states the parent must attend with the child, AND there will be an additional fee in the donation request amount to cover the parent's lodging. We do have limited room for cabins, so we really need to only allow parent's to attend in special circumstances. You can book at your own expense your own cabin, or a group of parents can get together and book a cabin for the parents to stay in, but the Foundation will not be handling those reservations this year. 

We are asking everyone to take and ask local businesses in their respective areas or non-EDS families to donate to help fund the camp. Any donations are tax deductible. They can go to our square online store and make their donations. Our online store can be found on our website along with the registration forms and sponsor forms. Please help if you can.

We are trying to accommodate all children, so please help us by sending in your registrations ASAP so that we can ensure we have enough cabins and food for everyone. REGISTRATION DEADLINE WITH DONATION PAYMENT IS MAY 1ST. 

WE HAVE OPENED CAMP TO ANY CHILD THAT HAS BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH THE FOLLOWING HEALTH ISSUES: Chiari Malformation, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, POTs, or Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Clara wants to make sure that any child that has any of these health issues feels like they are included as we know that it can be devastating for a child to be left out. Please spread the word! 

Zebra Camp Registration form
Attached please download and complete the form, go to the online store and you can pay the $25 Non-Refundable registration fee to hold your child's spot. Fill out the form and email or mail to us. You can also mail the form with a check to the Clara Lemarr Foundation, PO Box 42161, Fredericksburg, VA 22404. We are asking each camper to get at least ONE Camp Sponsor. Sponsorship form is below.
Zebra Camp Registration Form.pdf
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Camp Sponsorship form
Would you like to help send a Zebra to camp? Here is the form to help!
Camp Sponsorship Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 225.9 KB

Whose ready for an AWESOME time at ZEBRA CAMP 2017?


Clara is super excited to be offering the camp for children ages 4-18

We are asking each camper to work on getting donations. You can send the link out for the Square store, and your donors can put your child's name on the form, that will be counted towards the donation to pay for camp. Each camper is expected to help get donations, which can be from anyone including businesses. The money is non-refundable, and it is not given to the camper, it is used to pay for the camp expenses, lodging, food, give-aways, etc for camp. The funds, due to IRS regulations on donations, are not refunded to the families. 


There will be swimming, indoor bathrooms, all cabins have air conditioning!

We have Chef Heather from Texas coming up to help our campers do a great cooking competitions! 

We have a Nurse who has both Trauma and EDS experience to help watch over the kids. 

We have counselors lining up from all backgrounds! It is going to be a GREAT camping experience that is safe and fun for EDS kids! We hope to fill all 20 spots! 


Do you know someone who wants to support the camp experience? 


They can do a Zebra Camp Donation Sponsorship-Send a Zebra to Camp for $250-that will cover the full expenses for one camper! This year we are also offering, sponsor a cabin for $500, which includes advertising for 6 months on the website. 

Or they can do a Zebra Partner for $75, or a Zebra Friend of $40. All of these options will be loaded on our Online Store in the coming month, or they can mail a check to Clara Lemarr Foundation, PO BOX 42161, Fredericksburg, VA 22404. 


Help us help the kids!!!


We hope to expand camp across the Nation so that all Zebras have the opportunity. Do you want to help start a camp in your state? Please email us and let us know where you are located and we will help get it set up, and hopefully our own Clara Lemarr will be able to travel and be at your local camp!!!