Zebra Pay it forward Campaign

What is it?

The Pay It Forward campaign we are asking for everyone to become involved. Identify someone in your area that is in need, and do a kind gesture for them. It doesn't have to be anything huge, something simple and anonymous. And when you attach the tag to whatever you are doing please put "Pay it Forward" ~ Clara Lemarr Foundation.

When you have done your pay it forward, send us an email at ClaraLemarrFoundation@gmail.com and we will post the good deeds. So, get out there and Pay it Forward because at one time or another we all need a little help. 

Stories of DEeds

A Mother that kindly cooked and prepared several meals for another family that needed a little extra help. 


There was a child in school that went out of his way to help an EDS that was injured get to and from class in a wheelchair because he could see she was not able to make it herself. 


**Do you have a story of a good deed? Email it to us at ClaraLemarrFoundation@gmail.com to be added to the list!